Weingut Bacchus Speicher Antonie Pietsch, Gänssaalweg 25, 55246 Wiesbaden Mz-Kostheim, Tel 061342989589, Email: kontakt@bacchusspeicher.de

Gänssaalweg 25, 55246 Kostheim/Rheingau

 Dear Wine-Friend,

thank you for visiting our website and your interest in the "Bacchus Speicher" (pronounce [ba:kous spisha:]) winery.

Foundedt only a few years ago by the oenologist Antonie Pietsch - with the invaluable assistance of her husband Andreas Pietsch - "Bacchus Speicher" can proudly say it: ours is to be the youngest winery in Kostheim!

Originally "Bacchus Speicher" was an old water reservoir, that was constructed around 1900 to provide the community of Kostheim with water. It`s wonderfully located on top of a larger vineyard hill/slope: a vineyard site called "St. Kiliansberg". The largest part of the building is invisible from outside, because it is a large cellar underground. The function of the cellar was to store water - but during the last decades it was not used any more, because the water was pumped directly to the housholds.

With its location in the midst of the vineyards and constantly cool temperatures it`s an ideal place to store and produce wine. 

The Name
Bacchus [ba:kous] was the Roman god of wine. As it were the Romans who first brought wine culture into our region 2000 years ago we use "Bacchus" in combination with the German word "Speicher" [spisha:] (storage room) to name our wine estate.

Wine & Vineyards
Currently we cultivate approx. 2,2 hectar. Most of our vineyards are located close to our Bacchus Speicher - only one is further away in Assmannshausen (close to Rüdesheim) - a pittoresque village, that is famous for its Pinot Noir. The grape varieties that we grow are Müller-Thurgau, Riesling and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)

Cheers !